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woman takes a break while caring for her lawn

Reticulation Troubleshooting: Tips for Repair and Maintenance

Proper watering is the single most important thing to do so your lawn is always in tip-top shape. It doesn’t stop at just setting out a sprinkler, turning it on and then letting it run for a while. This can result in you over-watering or under-watering the grass, which can lead to problems such as

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young man mowing the lawn

Restore the Beauty of Your Lawn

Lush, green grass is not immune to dead brown patches. The seasonal heat can bring these unwelcome visitors into your yard, especially in older lawns. These brown patches are caused by several other factors too such as foot traffic, fungus, lack of fertilisation, chemical spills, drought or animal urine. Chances are, you’ve seen these brown

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man holding turf

How to Prepare and Lay Turf for Your Lawn

When it comes to giving your lawn a makeover, laying new turf is the quickest way to revitalise and freshen up your outdoor space. Rather than sowing seeds which can take weeks or even months to grow in, turf is easy to lay and provides instant, stunning results. Plus, it offers many economic, social, environmental,

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turf laying

Buffalo vs. Kikuyu Grass: What are the Differences?

Choosing the right type of grass can make or break your lawn. With so many grass types available, selecting the best one for your garden makeover can be complex. In this article, we compare two popular types of grass in turf laying: Buffalo and Kikuyu. Let’s take a look at their differences to find out

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Artificial Lawn

Artificial vs. Real: How to Decide What Type of Grass to Get for Your Lawn

An attractive landscape isn’t limited to commercial spaces. Residential properties also need a cohesive and well-maintained lawn that adds value to their aesthetic and curb appeal. But investing in landscaping services will be impractical when your yard is discoloured and patchy. Lawn installation gives you a beautiful canvas to carry out your desired landscape design.

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Lawn Mowing During Spring

Lawn Mowing Tips for a Professional Finish

When you walk past houses in your neighbourhood, manicured lawns are always a welcome sight. However, there’s a lot that goes into these perfect landscapes. The owners may have taken time to mow their lawns with great care, and the result is worth the effort. To recreate a professional finish on your own lawn, Green

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