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Residential and Commercial Landscaping Applications of Artificial Grass

When you hear “artificial turf”, you may instantly think of athletic stadiums. But landscaping with artificial grass isn’t limited to commercial landscapes. Instead, it possesses unlimited potential for both commercial and residential landscaping needs. So, installing synthetic turf is a good choice, whether operating a small or large business on a massive plot of land

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Gardening Soil Health: How to Test and Keep Your Soil Healthy

Have you noticed that you don’t see bare soil in nature often? That’s because exposed soil is a big no-no for nature, as it gets easily eroded by the elements. But what happens when the soil gets eroded? All the precious nutrients they store within get washed away as well. So, what else makes gardening

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Grass in Focus: Why Buffalo Grass Became an Aussie Favourite

For many Australians, grass is an important part of every residential and commercial landscape. Aussies love the freshness that a good amount of greens bring into any space. Grass is a versatile ground cover that can be used for a variety of purposes, from providing a place for recreation and relaxation, to acting as a

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lawn mower on trimmed lawn

Winter Lawn Care Maintenance – How is It Done?

The arrival of winter triggers dormancy in your lawn, dulling its vibrancy and slowing your plants’ growth to conserve energy. But even though it’s tempting to lock yourself indoors with a hot cup of cocoa, a warm blanket, your favourite fuzzy socks, and a good book, lawn care in winter is just as important as

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closeup of couch grass

Grass in Focus: Why Couch Grass Should be Your Lawn Option

The right type of lawn grass is crucial to achieving a picture-perfect landscape. While there are various good options, couch grass is undoubtedly the most popular. Its high drought tolerance and the fact that it can grow anywhere in Australia are some of its best features. But that’s not all it has to offer. Let’s

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