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Benefits Of Installing Artificial Turf On Rooftops

Living in an urban area shouldn’t stop you from aspiring to have a touch of green in your own home. Building a rooftop garden is a great option, but it’s not for everyone. The truth is, there are very few people who have the talent to keep live plants thriving. And if you’re one of

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grassy front lawn

What Type of Grass is Best for My Lawn

One of the most important things you need to decide on when setting up your lawn is the grass type. There are many kinds to choose from, but the types of lawn grass usable in Australia will be limited based on the certain factors, such as the climate and soil type. If you’re trying to

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a catch cup with lines for measuring water

Optimize Your Sprinklers with this Catch Cups Test

Ensuring that your lawn irrigation system is releasing the right amount of water is essential for keeping your garden healthy and beautiful. If you want to check your sprinkler system’s water output, you can use catch cups to determine if your sprinkler system is working at the optimum level. Here’s a quick guide to DIY

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a solo lawn sprinkler in front of a house

Watering Your Lawn During the Summer

With winter just around the corner in Australia, you might be wondering what you should do to keep your lawn healthy and green. Making sure that your lawn is watered correctly is important, but that begs the question: How long should it take to water your lawn in Perth? Here’s a general guide to help

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lawn professional installs a sprinkler system

Your Quick Yet Effective Guide to Irrigation Installation

No garden or landscape is complete without undergoing proper irrigation installation. A certain amount of planning is required to design and install a system that is both cost-efficient and contributes to water conservation. Here are some tips on designing your irrigation system and planning out your lawn sprinkler installation. Know the plants and flowers in

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drip irrigation system in a garden

Your Guide to Choosing a Garden Irrigation System

Keeping your garden well-watered no matter the weather or season is one of the keys to keeping it healthy. Garden irrigation systems come with different designs, and they each come with their own pros and cons. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know which one is the best for your garden. If you’re not up

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