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How to Visually Check Your Buffalo Grass for Damage

Buffalo grass is a hardy, drought-tolerant grass species well adapted to arid climates, making it a popular turf choice in Australia. However, like all species of plants, it can still be affected by damage from various sources that result in visible lawn problems. Unfortunately, these lawn problems may not always be easy to spot by

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loseup of lawn mower being operated on lawn

Types of Lawn Mowers and Which One is Best for Your Lawn

A well-manicured lawn adds to the aesthetic appeal of a property, and choosing the right lawn mower is essential to achieving that look. With so many different lawn mower brands offering varied designs, it can be challenging to decide which is best for your needs. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of lawn

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static shot of worker mowing a lawn

What Factors Affect Garden Maintenance Cost?

We all know that keeping a garden in good shape can be expensive, especially in terms of regular lawn mowing service. But have you ever wondered what exactly determines how much money you need to spend on garden maintenance? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the key factors that affect

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Grass installer in green uniform installing fresh grass on property

Top Turf Varieties in Australia

Aussies enjoy a wide variety of turf varieties for their lawns. Whether you’re looking to create a lush, hard-wearing grass or something a bit more delicate, there’s sure to be something that suits your needs. Here is our top list of the best grass types in Australia. 1. Zoysia Seed This turf variety is ideal

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closeup of sprinklers watering grass

Common Irrigation Issues and How to Fix Them

Do you notice pooling water or uneven watering in your lawn? Those are alarming signs that something may be wrong with your watering system, and you need to have them checked immediately. Remember, automatic watering systems for gardens are more than just sprinkler heads and pipes held together. They are one of your lawn’s lifelines.

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