How Much Grass Do I Need? – How to Measure Your Lawn before Ordering Artificial Grass

Getting just the right amount of grass ensures you don’t waste money and resources. But it’s not just about avoiding ordering too much. It’s also about ensuring that your orders don’t fall short so that you won’t end up having to order an extra roll again. Unfortunately, measuring your grass area is not always easy, especially if your property has a tricky lawn space. 

If you have questions like “how much turf do I need?” or “how do I measure my grass space?” read on to find the answers. We’ll walk you through the process to help you avoid the pitfalls and calculate precisely how many rolls of turf in a square meter you need to complete your project.

Why is Measuring Grass Area Important?

The thing is, you need to measure how many artificial grass rolls you need for you to determine an accurate cost estimate for your project. Measuring the area also helps you choose which turf roll size to get so that you can make the most out of it. While there is a wide variety of turf roll sizes, the standard is 3.71m wide by 20m long.

Remember that artificial turf is directional, so cobbling scrap material won’t do, even if you’re just trying to cover a small space. It’s also better to add a little extra when you measure so you can leave enough room for adjustments if the pieces need to be cut to fit. It ensures that your grass edges look pristine and seamless instead of a patchwork of artificial turf remnants.  

Remember that it’s always best to seek professional help when installing an artificial lawn to ensure that your property looks outstanding and the grass edges look beautifully aligned. However, if you’re measuring your yard to estimate how much you will likely spend, you can follow our tips below.

papers, roulette measuring tape, and pencil on top of green grass

Tools You Need for Measuring

Measuring accurate grass space to help you choose the correct turf roll dimensions isn’t too hard with the help of a few tools, which are:

  • Pen or Pencil
  • Calculator
  • Tape Measure
  • Paper (use graph paper for better accuracy in tricky spaces)

Tips for Measuring Lawn Area

Always Measure the Widest and Longest Points

Always measure as if your yard space is square or rectangular, regardless of whether the area has sharp angles, curves, or an unusual shape. Artificial grass comes in long rectangular strips, and you can cut any curves or wide angles from it to ensure a smooth fit.

Measuring a Square or Rectangular Lawn

If this is the type of lawn you have, then measuring is straightforward since you only need to measure the length and width in metres and then multiply them with each other to obtain the area. For instance, if the length is 8m and the width is 4m, multiply 8m by 4m, and you get 32m2.

If you have an L-shaped lawn, split it into two rectangular sections, follow the guide for measuring above and add the final figures together. 

Measuring a Circular Lawn

Measure the diameter of your round lawn first and multiply it by 0.80, then multiply it with the diameter again to get the area. For instance, if the diameter is 18m, multiply it by 0.80, and you get 14.4m. Multiply 14.4m by 18m (the diameter), and you get the area which is 259.2m2.

trimmed hedges around oval lawn

Measuring an Oval Lawn

When it comes to oval lawns, you should measure the length and width to calculate how much artificial turf you will need to cover the lawn. Afterwards, multiply the length by 0.80 and then multiply it by the width. For instance, if the length is 9m and the width is 15m, do this: 9m x 0.80 x 15m = 108m2.

Measuring a Triangle Lawn

For triangle lawns, measure the base and height of the grass space in metres. Multiply the base by 0.50 and multiply the result by the height. For instance, if the base is 18m and the height is 12m, multiply 18m by 05.50, then 12m, and you will get 108m2.

Some lawns can have one shape, but others are a mix of shapes. You can use the formulas above to break down your lawn into specific shapes and get the square meter area of each one. After that, simply add them together to compute your total square meter area. Once you have the final figure, add 5% to allow for wastage, cutting, and overlap.  

Why Artificial Turf?

The beauty of using artificial turf is that you won’t have to worry about how much sun your lawn will or won’t get since it won’t affect the state of your yard. So, you still get beauty while minimising maintenance needs and costs. Artificial grass is also easier to clean and more child and pet friendly since you won’t use dangerous chemicals to keep the grass healthy.

Best of all, you can do so much with artificial turf on your lawn. You can turn your outdoor space into a safe play area for your children or build a backyard golf set up for personal use. With fake grass, you also won’t have to worry about mowing sloped backyards. As long as you get the correct measurements for your lawn area and have the turf professionally installed, your lawn will forever look stunning.

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Professional Artificial Turf Installation at Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation

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We care about your lawn just as much as you do. That’s why we want you to get the best out of it. That is why we also offer complete services going beyond artificial turf installation. We also install natural grass and provide comprehensive lawn services, including reticulation, lawn restoration, lawn mowing and gardening. Get to know us and our services better by browsing our website. And if you have any enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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