A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Lay Artificial Turf on Your Lawn

A green and lush lawn is essential to your home’s aesthetic appeal and its property value. But maintaining it is a challenge, especially as droughts last longer and become more frequent. You might find yourself struggling to keep your lawn well-watered and green with stricter water restrictions.

Fortunately, there are other options available to you. Recently, more homeowners are finding the value in installing artificial turf in their lawns. Compared to real grass, this alternative provides the same aesthetic appeal without costly maintenance.

The Advantages of Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is used in large commercial spaces, but it has found popularity among homeowners. As they continue to enhance their yards, they have taken to utilising options that are easier to maintain.

  1. Artificial turf requires minimal to no maintenance.
  2. Artificial turf prevents puddles, even when it rains.
  3. Artificial turf is safe for children and pets.
  4. Artificial turf eliminates grass and mud stains for a cleaner experience.
  5. Artificial turf is highly resilient to foot traffic, preventing bare spots in your lawn.

If you’re looking to get better use of your yard year-round, installing artificial turf might be the option for you.

How to Install Artificial Turf

Artificial turf installation might seem intimidating, but it’s a straightforward process that is simple once you’ve familiarised yourself with it.

Step 1: Measure the area.

Start by measuring the width and length of the area where you will install artificial turf. Besides telling you how much turf you will need, it can serve as your guide when planning the installation.

Step 2: Gather the tools and materials.

In addition to the turf, you will need to gather the appropriate tools to ensure a smooth and successful installation. Prepare a cutter, an adhesive (e.g., tape or glue), weed killer and a roller.

Step 3: Remove the existing surface.

Use your turf cutter to break up the existing surface. This will make the removal process easier and more efficient. Make sure all traces of topsoil are gone to prevent problems, such as weeds, in the future.

Step 4: Compact the surface.

Once the topsoil has been removed, use a roller to compact the bare surface, to give you a smooth area to work on. Additionally, this will remove pockets where water can accumulate and create puddles.

Step 5: Lay a sand or stone base.

Pour out compacted stone or sand over the smoothened surface. Use the roller to make sure the surface is even and lump-free. It acts as a protective layer for the soil and prevents it from compromising the artificial turf’s performance.

Step 6: Roll out the artificial turf.

First, roll out the grass underlay. This material is treated with a weed killer to prevent growth in the future. Once it is installed, it’s time to roll the artificial turf over it. Be mindful of the material’s directional pile so the grass faces the same direction.

Step 7: Join the pieces together.

Use outdoor tape or glue to join turf pieces together. Follow the instructions on the box to prevent any issues in the future. Once you’ve applied the adhesive, place stones or plant pots over the areas to keep them flat until they dry.

Step 8: Trim and brush the turf.

After the adhesive dries, take your turf cutter and trim off the excess grass. Cut neatly along the edges for a clean look. Once you’re done, take a brush and use it to fluff up the artificial grass.

Work with a Professional

Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation has provided lawn solutions for over 15 years. We have the skills and expertise to install artificial turf that will look beautiful and last long. If you are looking to improve your lawn’s aesthetic appeal and performance, our team is here to help you achieve this.

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