Lawn Mowing Tips for a Professional Finish

When you walk past houses in your neighbourhood, manicured lawns are always a welcome sight. However, there’s a lot that goes into these perfect landscapes. The owners may have taken time to mow their lawns with great care, and the result is worth the effort.

To recreate a professional finish on your own lawn, Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation compiles the most important lawn mowing tips.

Lawn Mowing During Spring

When to Mow the Lawn

The frequency of lawn mowing depends on the time of the year.


Most homeowners are eager to mow the lawn at the first sign of spring. Don’t be too keen to cut it short; take time to assess your lawn first. Grass grows slowly during the cold months, so come the first week of spring, it might not be long enough to need mowing.  Before firing up the lawnmower, ensure that the grass blades genuinely need to be mowed.

The early spring season requires mowing once every two weeks. But growth rates increase as spring goes by, so by late spring, you might have to mow the lawn more. Moreover, spring brings rainfall, so watch your yard closely and cut as needed.


Lawns should be mowed every second week during the summer because the grass needs to be a little longer than they were in the springtime. Longer blades sustain the lawns during periods of drought, which can occur during the hot months.

Fall and Winter

Grass starts to grow slower in the fall and winter, so you won’t need to bring out the lawnmower as much. Some lawns only need to be mowed every two to five weeks, depending on the temperature. The colder the season, the less you need to cut the grass.

At any time of the year, be careful not to overmow your lawn. If you cut the grass too much, the grass might look yellow and dry out. You expose the stems of the blades and damage the entire lawn.

The Best Time of the Day to Mow

Mid-morning is the ideal time for yard mowing. By then, the irrigated water or dew have dried up. Mowing a wet lawn leads to uneven mowing because of the unsettled soil under the grass. Wet grass blades don’t cut cleanly, too; they are just torn.

In addition, the turf can be stressed if the grass blades are cut and exposed during the hottest time of the day.

The Ideal Height for Your Grass

The right height for your lawn depends on the type of grass. Buffalo grass and Kikuyu are best kept to 40mm-50mm, while couch grass should be cut to 25mm-30mm.

As a rule of thumb, you cut off one-third of the grass to keep neat and healthy. Any more than that will damage root growth and hamper long-term health.

The edges of the lawn — the one lining walkways and driveways — should also be trimmed. Grass that grows over the edges looks unsightly and untidy. The overhanging grass on these boundaries should be addressed with a half-moon tool.

Lawn Striping

Lawn striping refers to the lines or checkerboard patterns on a stretch of turf. It looks as if the lawn was mowed by a professional, but any homeowner can achieve this. The stripes are just a product of the sunlight hitting the grass blades. The blades that are bent towards the viewer look darker, while those bent the other way look lighter.

The secret is to mow the lawn in straight lines. Start by mowing across your lawn in a single straight line. Once you reach the other end, turn your mower, follow the first line and mow on the opposite direction. Repeat until you’ve mowed the entire lawn.

Caring for Your Lawn Mower

Blunt mower blades don’t cut the grass cleanly. Instead, they tear off the grass blades and bruise the grass, which causes straw-coloured tips. To make sure you cut the grass properly, your lawnmower has to be in working condition. Have your machine serviced regularly.

Mowing grass requires effort to get the best results. However, not everyone has enough time for their lawns, especially if you have a sprawling property or a special kind of grass that demands extra care.

If you need professional help in mowing your lawn, turn to Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation. Our experts will keep your turf in excellent condition. Get in touch today.


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