No Couch Potato: Couch Grass Uses

Couch grass is one of the most popular turfs in Australian landscapes. Thanks to its versatile and tough qualities that allow it to withstand wear and tear and the extreme conditions found in the country, it has become a mainstay in many homes and commercial properties. So, what makes this grass special? What else can this fantastic grass do, and what is it most suited for? Let’s find out.

What is Couch Grass?

Couch grass, also known as Couch turf, is a type of grass most commonly found in Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. It was introduced to Australia in the early 20th century and has become one of the most popular choices for landscaping due to its various benefits.

Some of the key characteristics of Couch grass include:

  • Drought-tolerant
  • Sun lover
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Ability to withstand wear and tear
  • Versatile use in different landscapes

These qualities make Couch grass the perfect choice for a range of applications. 

Couch Grass Applications


Couch grass is most commonly used in home lawns since its beautiful, dense green mat and low maintenance characteristics make it an attractive choice for many homeowners. However, homeowners should also consider that since it is an aggressive grower and spreader, it needs frequent mowing since it might creep into unprotected veggie patches and flower patches if left alone. So, border your lawn property and regularly clean off the turf’s edges.

Sports Fields

Professional sports players in any turf-based contact sport appreciate the natural softness of Couch grass. It also has a combined spongey and dense feel underfoot that cushions impact. As such, many sports clubs around Australia have chosen this grass type as their preferred turf. 

However, maintenance shouldn’t be overlooked. Regular mowing is needed so that the grass doesn’t spread into neighbouring land.

airport runway with vast expanse of grass


Airports have great swathes of open land that need grass coverage. Since Couch grass spreads fast, even with minimal help, it can quickly extend and won’t need careful tending and maintenance to survive. 

The only issue is that it needs regular mowing to keep it in check. But aside from that, Couch grass makes for an attractive choice for expansive properties like airports.

Golf Courses

Couch grass is an excellent option for golf courses since it forms thick, dense playing surfaces that provide an appropriate bounce. It can also repair itself quickly from wear and tear. Most of all, it loves open areas that frequently receive full sun.

Public Parks

Since Couch grass is a wear-resistant and drought-tolerant turf with a naturally dense and spongy feel, it’s the perfect choice for public parks, especially ones with public playgrounds. This grass generally takes care of itself and spreads fast, so it’s excellent for covering vast expanses of public space. 

Modern Couch grass varieties also cause minimal itch, making it perfect for kids who like rolling around the grass without consequence. The downside is that since this grass likes full sun, parks with plenty of tree coverage may have brown patches here and there.

How to Maintain Couch Grass?

A vast expanse of vibrant green Couch grass in Australian homes is a sight to behold. But how do you take care of it?

Couch grass is a low-maintenance grass that is easy to care for. It is drought tolerant and does not require much watering once it is established. For the best results, you should mow Couch grass regularly to keep it looking its best. It is also essential to remove any dead or dying leaves and debris to prevent the spread of disease.

close up of couch grass

What are the Different Types of Couch Grass?

There are many different types of green Couch grass, each with unique characteristics. Some of the most popular varieties include:

Nullarbor Couch Grass 

It is a well-established variety that looks like it came straight out of a commercial. With a deep green colour and fine-leaf blades, this Australian Couch grass displays a polished look that shines best in landscape projects and sports fields. Nullarbor Couch grass enjoys plenty of sun exposure, so it’s not suited for shadier gardens. 

When it comes to mowing, give the grass a trim every week and add fertiliser two to three times a year to maintain its outstanding appearance.

Santa Ana Couch Grass

It is another popular variety of Couch grass with a fine texture and a vibrant green colour. This variety can handle plenty of wear and tear, so it’s the best option if you have kids and pets. Santa Ana Couch grass is also a preferred choice for its ability to withstand even the hottest Australian summers. Then again, it doesn’t thrive in gardens with shady areas. 

Mow this Couch grass variety weekly and keep the grass blades at least 20mm long. Remember to dispose of the clippings after.

Wintergreen Couch Grass 

It is a variety that is really low maintenance since it doesn’t require as much care as the other Couch grass types. However, it still loves sunbathing, so it still won’t be ideal on shady lawns. This grass has a beautiful, mid-green colour and a softer texture. And since it withstands heavy foot traffic, it’s also a good choice for playgrounds or homes with kids and pets.

In terms of maintenance, ensure that the soil in your property is in good condition before installing this type of turf since it’s notorious for its nutrient deficiencies and water loss. Other than that, this type of grass is strong and can repair itself from almost any damage.

Each type of Couch grass has its benefits and is best suited for different applications. For example, Nullarbor Couch grass is often used in golf courses and sports fields due to its high level of wear tolerance. Santa Ana Couch grass, on the other hand, is a popular choice for home lawns as it has a finer texture and is more aesthetically pleasing.

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