The Impact of Seasonal Changes on Your Lawn’s Health

Australia has a diverse landscape which means homeowners’ lawns experience a dynamic switch with the changing seasons. Each period brings unique physical transformations that affect your lawn’s health in ways you didn’t even think were possible. By understanding these changes you can easily modify your lawn care practices, so you can protect your greens all year round. Now let’s discuss the changes you can expect on your lawn.


After winter’s cold grip loosens, spring brings in a multitude of biological activities underneath your lawn. As the soil temperature increases, some dormant grass variants start to awaken – grasses like ryegrass and fescue to be exact. As the shoots push through the earth, you will be able to slowly observe the spreading of the colour green. When the blades grow bigger and flatter, they will capture more sunlight which will make it seem like the grass is glowing. At the root level, growth hormones rise, creating a robust foundation for the incoming months.

Though spring is the perfect reflection of rebirth, it’s not all about healthy growth. The same warmer temperature that wakes beautiful grass variants is the same temperature that encourages weed seed germination. If you observe closely you will find that spring is when you start seeing a sudden influx of clover, dandelions and broadleaf invaders that will compete with your natural grass for nutrients and space. That’s why creating a spring lawn care schedule is crucial for the survival of your lawn.


Australia’s sun is known for being relentless and is popular for unleashing scorching heat which increases evaporation rates and depletes soil moisture. If you have cool-season grasses installed, expect a physiological response in them. Your grass will attempt to conserve water, which will turn the blades to a brownish hue. Don’t worry because this is a natural adaptation to reduce surface area and limit water loss. The brown colour doesn’t mean your lawn is dying, but rather a sign that your grass is alive enough to protect itself.

If there is a prolonged dry spell, some grass variants can actually go dormant and shut down non-essential functions to focus on staying alive. In this case, you might want to consider converting to warm-season grasses instead. Varieties like couch grass and kikuyu from the northern region have faster growth rates and improved drought tolerance, so heat shouldn’t pose a problem to their kind. However, cool-season and warm-season grasses both become prone to fungal diseases due to summer’s humidity so that’s an issue you need to stay on top of regardless if you make the switch. Watch out for wilting grass which could be an early sign of a fungal attack.


Your cool-season grasses may start to store energy reserves within their root systems to prepare for potential dormancy during the colder months. You should notice a gradual slowing down of growth, while the blades take on a more deeper green colour. This indicates a higher concentration of chlorophyll pigments, which capture the remaining sunlight for energy production.


Winter is a period of dormancy. Growth slows and the visible grass blades may appear brown or disappear completely beneath the frost. Although it might look dead to you, the root systems remain active, although working at a reduced pace.While the grass takes a break, assess the health of your lawn and plan for the next steps. This might involve crafting a basic lawn care schedule that involves services such as core aeration to improve soil drainage and oxygen circulation or topdressing with a thin layer of nutrient-rich soil to address any deficiencies. Try to observe the changes you witnessed through the different seasons and use them to adapt your lawn care routines.

A lawn care expert cleaning dried leaves during the autumn season

Leave Your Lawn Care to the Experts

Spending a whole year observing lawn changes through the seasons can get tiring. If you’re not a professional, there’s also a high chance you might miss a lot of crucial details. Instead of going through all that trouble, why not just hire lawn care experts who can do the work for you? Here at Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation, we understand these changes like the back of our hands and use all the information we have to provide your grass with the support it requires including lawn repairs and maintenance. By adjusting your seasonal practices such as lawn care fertilisation schedule, you can ensure a vibrant and healthy turf every year.

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