What Type of Grass is Best for My Lawn

One of the most important things you need to decide on when setting up your lawn is the grass type. There are many kinds to choose from, but the types of lawn grass usable in Australia will be limited based on the certain factors, such as the climate and soil type. If you’re trying to figure out which grass you should use for your lawn, this article is for you.

How Should I Pick the Correct Grass Type in Australia?

If you want your lawn to survive, it’s essential that you select the right grass type. After all, the wrong kind of grass type for your lawn could lead to a very unpleasant experience for you. When picking out you’re the type of lawn grass you’ll be using you should have these considerations in mind:


When picking out lawn grass, make sure that you keep the amount of rainfall your lawn receives. This allows you to identify the types of lawn grass that would be alright to grow in your local area. Picking out a grass type that needs constant watering while you live in a hot, sunny area is a sure way to rack up your water bill—so make sure that you choose the grass that is appropriate for your local rainfall conditions.


What will you be doing in your lawn? Is it purely there for decorative purposes or will you be walking around your lawn quite frequently? Knowing what your lawn will be used for is important since some grass types are more suitable for heavy activity. A lawn that gets a lot of traffic, for instance, would need a more durable type of grass. Also consider if you have pets, children, or vehicles that might run through your lawn.

woman takes a break while caring for her lawn


Aside from the rainfall, you should also consider how much shade your lawn gets. Some grasses, like Kikuyu and Queensland Blue, don’t pair well with shady areas. Make sure to note if your lawn receives sunlight all day or if you get some shade in the afternoon or morning times. This will help you identify which type of lawn grass is perfect for your lawn.

Type of Soil

The kind of soil you have will dictate how healthy your grass will be as they grow. Check your soil texture so you know how healthy the area is and to determine which type would be the best grass type for your lawn. The most ideal soil type you can have is loam is the most desirable soil type you can get as clay is too dense and sand drains too quickly. Keep in mind that you might have a mix of these soil types at times, so if you’re quite confused about which grass type to get, consult your local lawn mowing services in Perth.

Gardening Style

Think about how much time you spend caring for your lawn. Do you spend time mowing your lawn or would you rather have a lawn that’s quite self-sufficient? You should get grass types depending on how meticulous you are with your lawn care. Do note that with any grass type you choose, you will still need to practice basic lawn care like feeding, watering, and weeding.

The Best Types of Lawn Grass for Lawns in Australia

Choosing grass for your lawn will be heavily dependent on your location, so one of the best practices is to observe what kind of grass is thriving around the area. Note that you may opt to find other grass types, should you wish to but keep in mind the factors above when picking out a grass type. Here are some of the most common types of lawn grass used in Australia:

a patch of soft leaf buffalo grass


Soft Leaf Buffalo

This grass type is one of the most popular options for lawn owners because of its low maintenance. Another reason soft leaf buffalo is extremely popular because of its high durability and self-repairing tendencies, making it an excellent option for families with active children and pets. Aside from its high durability, the soft leaf buffalo also has high drought tolerance and can hold its colour well all throughout the different seasons.

kikuyu grass for a lawn


Kikuyu grass is a budget-friendly option for those looking fast-growing and self-repairing grass type in Australia. This grass type is good for large areas, being quite popular among horse racing tracks, golf course fairways, and parks. Kikuyu is quite drought hardy, but it is high maintenance since it requires frequent mowing and has low shade tolerance.

healthy swath of zoysia grass


This grass type is one of the most durable options for your lawns. Although it less well known, it can easily stand up to soft leaf buffalo grass as one of the top options when considering durability. Zoysia thrives in most conditions, including high heat, humidity, and coastal areas. Zoysia is also a low-maintenance option once it has been established and has excellent salt and drought tolerance.

bermuda grass for a lawn

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is one of the most popular options worldwide. It is mostly used in sports fields because of its low water needs and self-repairing tendencies. Another reason for the popularity of this grass type is because it holds its color really well even over the winter.

Selecting the Right Grass Type

Whether you’re installing a brand new lawn or replacing an old one, the most important decision you will make is selecting the type of lawn grass you will use. Always consider the factors above when selecting a grass type, since that will dictate how presentable your lawn will be. If you’re still confused, talking to a professional like those from Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation will help you get started on your dream lawn!


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