Winter Sprinkler Switch-Off: Your Lawn Reticulation Questions Answered

Last Updated: January 22, 2024

The growing effects of climate change are being felt worldwide, making water conservation efforts more critical than ever. Thanks to the sprinkler ban in Perth and its surrounding areas, residents of affected areas can save up to five billion litres of water every winter. But what is it, why does it matter, and who is affected? This article will answer all of those and any other questions you have.

What is the Sprinkler Ban in Western Australia, and Which Areas are Affected?

During the Winter Sprinkler Switch-off, residents of Perth, Mandurah, and other areas of Western Australia must shut off their sprinklers in winter to save water for the drier months of the year. If caught watering your gardens in this period, you can get a $100 fine.

When Does it Take Effect?

The sprinkler ban takes effect on June 1st of every year. So when can sprinklers be turned on in Perth and other affected areas? The answer is every August 31st. So far, over 90% of residents continue to show their support by cooperating with the ban.closeup-of-lawn-sprinkler-in-use

Specifics of the Sprinkler Ban

Why Does Switching Off Matter?

In Perth, watering gardens during winter isn’t as crucial as in the drier months. Cooler temperatures slow down the evaporation rate, allowing plants to absorb moisture more efficiently. Moreover, most lawn types enter a dormant state in winter, making nourishment from rainwater sufficient.

Who is Included in the Ban?

The winter switch-off encompasses various entities, including domestic garden bores, scheme water users, and licensed groundwater users. This includes local governments, government departments, universities, TAFE campuses, and golf courses. It also covers major parks and enterprises that irrigate non-commercial lawns, gardens, and turf areas.

Who is Exempted from the Sprinkler Ban?

Certain exemptions are in place: active sporting locations are exempt due to their frequent use, the need for amenity planting, and safety considerations. Property owners who are establishing new lawns can apply for a temporary exemption, allowing watering between 9 am and 6 pm. Additionally, bore owners, while included in the ban, are permitted to run their systems briefly each week to prevent seizing and potential damage to the bore system.

What Happens if I Don’t Switch Off?

Apart from receiving a $100 fine if caught breaking the sprinkler ban in Perth or any affected areas, you are also wasting precious resources. If you’re a bore water user, you also risk getting complaints filed against you by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (the department responsible for bore licensing).

Should I Get My Reticulation System Serviced in Winter?

Absolutely! Since winter is a slow period for many Perth reticulation specialists, you can opt to have your systems serviced instead of waiting for their service peak in summer.

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