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Masaaki had only just received the key to his newly built home in Treeby when he had contacted Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation. With a large backyard, he required lawn that would be perfect for his child and his pet dogs. The backyard had a large open area, seeing plenty of sun, and a narrow strip parallel to the fence that was completely shaded. The professionals at Green Oasis recommended Village Green Kikuyu for the large open area, a lawn that thrives in full sun and has exceptional regenerative qualities allowing it to cope with lots of traffic and activity. For the narrow strip, artificial lawn was recommended, as it would be difficult to maintain lush green grass with such low level of sunlight.

The Project

As is common with most newly completed homes, the sand level of the backyard was much too high and a significant amount would need to be removed in order to have the level post installation equal to the surrounding paving. With use of a dingo, the loose sand was easily removed and disposed of into an onsite skip bin.

Masaaki had opted for a reticulation system connected to a tap, automated with use of a tap timer, to irrigate his backyard. Once the irrigation system had been completed, and the soil for the natural lawn area had been conditioned with all the required nutrients for a new lawn, the team began installation.

Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation opted to install the Village Green Kikuyu first. The perfect level was completed, and area compacted, with installation of the Kikuyu providing a stunning finish. It was now time for the team to begin the installation of the Artificial lawn.

The Result

Masaaki was recommended an artificial lawn perfect for pets- with a thick profile, pile height of 40mm, and unique cooling qualities, it was the perfect solution for the narrow strip of the backyard. A significant amount of crushed blue metal was brought in. Levelled and compacted, it provided the perfect base required for the installation. As the area was narrow, the team had to complete significant cutting in order to fit the lawn, a technique our professionals have mastered. Once the lawn was fitted and secured, the result was a gorgeous, natural looking artificial lawn. Perfect for pets, and an excellent compliment to the lush Village Green Kikuyu natural grass. A great example of both artificial lawn and natural lawn contrasting their own purposes and benefits.

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