Jeanette’s Backyard Paradise


Jeanette, located in Atwell, had a small backyard lawn surrounded by a beautifully manicured garden. She had contacted Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation as her lawn was in a dire state, requiring a complete overhaul. The previous Buffalo cultivar had begun to suffer recently and was unable to make a comeback. Opting for a new lawn installation, the shade tolerant and more drought friendly Sir Walter Buffalo was suggested to Jeanette- a suggestion she embraced.

The Project

One of the main reasons for the downfall of the previous turf was the root system of the nearby trees and plants, sucking up the nutrients and water from the lawn. Due to Sir Walters higher levels of drought tolerance as compared to the other shade tolerant lawn varieties, this issue would be resolved. That said, Jeanette was advised to follow a strict watering and fertilizer regime, to ensure adequate nutrients to the new lawn.

The Result

Beginning with earthworks, what was left of the existing lawn was dug out and disposed of. New, nutrient dense soil was brought in, with moisture retentive red loam within the soil profile. Lawn start fertilizer pellets were also added to the landscape, providing further crucial lawn nutrients and moisture and nutrient retention properties within the soil profile.

The area was levelled and compacted ready for turf, additional care was taken during this process to ensure a perfect smooth finish, which was reflected in the results. The client was thrilled with the installation, and turf after care instructions were provided.

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