Versatile Couch Grass for Your Lawn for the Discerning Homeowner

Discover the resilient allure of couch grass, ideal for vibrant, durable lawns that withstand high traffic and frequent use.

Couch Grass: A Hardy Choice for Perth Outdoor Spaces

Scientific name Pennisetum clandestinum, No grass matches the rigours of the Australian climate as well as Couch grass does. A favourite among homes and business owners alike, Couch grass gives you a brilliant, dark green colour all year and tolerates droughts well.

Green Oasis installs Couch turf on residential and commercial properties in Perth and the rest of Australia. We’ll help you achieve the soft green scapes you want for your lawn.

Made for Australia

Couch turf (pronounced ‘cooch’) is a popular warm-season grass variety in Australia, thanks to its high drought tolerance and soft underfoot. It’s one of the toughest turf varieties, and it’s used for playing surfaces in stadiums and golf courses. It repairs itself quickly, so Couch grass is ideal for backyards and lawns with high foot traffic. If you have kids, pets or customers who love to walk on grass, Couch turf is ideal for you.

It’s easily distinguished from other grasses because of its dark green colour, which it maintains throughout the year (even in the winter). Moreover, it has fine leaf blades that make it soft to the touch. It’s no wonder that Couch grass is a staple in the Aussie backyard.

Drought Tolerance

Couch grass has a deep root system, which enables it to draw much more water from the soil. As such, it is more drought-tolerant than other turf varieties. It loves the sun, so it will take a lot for it to wilt. And if it dried off because of the lack of water, it will easily recover.

If you live in an area with water restrictions, or if you prefer a water-efficient turf, Couch grass is an excellent choice

Couch Grass in Australia

Water requirement


Growth Rate




Sun requirement

Wear Tolerance

Couch grass develops a moderate thatch layer (a layer of living and dead stems, leaves and roots between the growing blades and the soil), which serves as a protective layer. As such, Couch grass withstands wear better. It can handle high traffic and recovers quickly if it’s worn down and stressed.


Colour. The distinguishing trait of Couch grass is its dark green colour, which it maintains no matter the season. It looks healthy, even if it lacks water or nutrition. Some observe that it still has this rich hue even if it’s planted in poor-quality soil.

Density. Couch grasses also have a finer leaf blade compared to other types of turf. As a result, it offers dense coverage, while remaining soft to the touch. The delicate leaf blades also prevent water evaporation — another trait that makes it drought-tolerant

Care and Maintenance

Mowing. Couch grass has more of a horizontal growth, which means its vertical growth is not as aggressive as other lawn varieties. You don’t have to mow as much.

Watering. Newly laid Couch grass needs deep watering once a week, while it grows its grass. Once it has established its root system, you only water as needed.

Fertilising. Couch grass is resilient, so it doesn’t need much fertiliser. You may fertilise every 10-12 days

Couch Grass with Green Oasis

Our professionals will help you choose the best Couch cultivar for your property. Some cultivars are bred to adapt to shade and resist diseases. We’ll walk you through your options, as well as the level of maintenance each type requires. We’ll also select the Couch cultivar that meets your budget.

Green Oasis offers both lawn installation and lawn reticulation in Australia, so we can furnish your lawn with Couch grass and let you enjoy soft, dark green grass throughout the year. Get a free quote today!

Green Oasis Is the Couch Grass Expert

15+ Years of Experience

We have over 15 years of experience in Couch turf installation and irrigation.

Family Business

We are a fully qualified and insured family business.

Post-Installation Care

We offer free mow, fertiliser and wetting agent application after installation.

Free Consultation

You’ll receive professional Couch grass consultation for your property.

The Best Choice for Australian Grass Lawns

Discover the charm of a quintessential Australian lawn with couch grass, renowned for its ease of maintenance and enduring vibrancy. Ideal for the Australian climate, it offers a lush, green landscape throughout the year. For tailored guidance on cultivating a stunning and sustainable outdoor oasis with couch grass, reach out to our experts. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​

Because Couch grass loves the sun, it doesn’t tolerate shade as well as other varieties. Couch turf has a maximum of 20% shade tolerance, but with proper care, you can grow healthy Couch in shady areas.
Because it is drought-tolerant, Couch grass will thrive even if the soil’s salt content prevents absorption of water and nutrients. Out of all turf types, Couch grass has the highest salt tolerance. If you’re planning to install turf on your poolside, or if you live in a coastal region, Couch grass is your best choice.
Couch turf will grow in cold conditions, but some cultivars require 25°C to germinate. We’ll explore the best cultivars of Couch grass for your region.
In the spring and summer, Couch grass is mowed twice a month at the height of 18mm to 25mm. It grows slower in the winter and autumn, so it’s trimmed once a month at 25mm-30mm.
Yes, it does. Couch grass focuses its energy on horizontal growth, so there is a possibility that it might spread beyond your lawn. This is easily fixed by creating a solid boundary between the area intended for the Couch grass and other sections of the lawn.
Yes. Our free quotes are 100% final with no add-ons.
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