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Hayden from Ellenbrook had a dilemma at the front of his home- the front lawn had become overrun with weeds, resulting in a patchy mix of different grass varieties and weeds. He came to Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation to start fresh, with removal of the old sand and organic material, and installation of new turf.

The Project

Hayden’s front yard had a lovely garden bed in the middle, with the turf to be installed around it. The area saw full sun year-round, and occasional activity and wear. We advised Hayden of his options, with Village Green Kikuyu being our recommendation. With its medium leaf and beautiful colour, it would complement the garden bed perfectly. Kikuyu can often spread quite easily, however, the central garden bed had a concrete curb edging boarder. Coupled with this particular Kikuyu cultivar possessing the trait of not seeding, this meant the Kikuyu would not easily enter and wreak havoc in the garden.

The existing irrigation system was not functioning correctly. Sprinklers were not optimized to be waterwise, several were damaged, and an extension was required. Additional piping was fitted, damaged sprinkler bodies were replaced, and all nozzles were swapped out in favour of waterwise, efficient replacements. The result was an economic system covering all areas of the lawn and garden, ensuring the new turf would receive sufficient watering.

The Result

Once the irrigation work was completed, Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation completed the remaining earthworks required, digging out the unwanted weeds, grasses and nutrient sparse sand that remained. Special Lawn Mix soil was brought in, complete with water retentive red loam, and lawn-start fertiliser pellets added to complete the base that would allow the lawn to thrive with all the nutrients it required.

Completion of levelling was done by compactor and the team at Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation were ready to install the lawn rolls. Laying required additional planning, with the abstract shape of the garden bed posing a unique dilemma, but one that was overcome with skilled fitting and edging. Once laying was completed, and a thorough soaking of the new lawn was undertaken, the team compacted once more to assist in the prevention of any undulation and assure good root to soil contact with a tight fit between rolls aiding in a stunning finish. The new lawn looked great- completing the front yard and making the property stand out.

The clients were pleased with the results and were amazed at the transformation of their front yard. Hayden’s own Green Oasis, another satisfied customer for Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation.

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