A Green Oasis in the Hills


Julia from Darlington had the most picturesque wooden two-story home, set in the stunning Perth hills. A unique feature of her property was a long, steep driveway that would usher you down as you took in the gorgeous vistas. At the base of the driveway, the front of her home, was a turfed area surrounded by gardens. Unfortunately, the turf had been in a dire state since she first moved in. With a mix of dead grasses and weeds, the only solution was a complete overhaul, including a new automated irrigation system, to complete this stunning property.

Julia came to Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation for a solution to not only her water requirements but also to replace the dead grass. A new reticulation system was required to adequately cover the turf area and garden beds, and new lawn to complete the idyllic setting. Village Green Couch was the lawn of choice as it was a lovely fine leaf grass that would cover the entire area and was a prolific grower, thriving in an area that receives full sun. It would also give the area a manicured look.

The Result

Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation began with earthworks. Existing organic material and soil was dug out and disposed of- a difficult task considering the firmness of the ground, which was quite rocky in some places. A notable large ant infestation was also removed from within the soil profile. Despite the difficult nature of the earthworks, Green Oasis accomplished the task, with some good old-fashioned manual labour saving the day.

To boost the soil profile, Special Lawn Mix soil was brought in and spread. The red loam within the soil would aid in water and nutrient retention. This was crucial considering the amount of tree roots and sun that would dry out the turf very quickly. A further boost to moisture and nutrient retention in the form of fertiliser pellets were applied, which also added to the nutrient levels within the soil profile. Once levelled and compacted, Winter Green Couch was laid and looked fantastic against the garden bed backdrops.

When Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation returned to complete the first mow, the lawn and garden were thriving. Clearly enjoying the additional efforts of the team to ensure a waterwise soil profile, growth was fast, and the lawn was a lush green. A perfect final touch to an already stunning property, and a very happy client!


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