Professional Reticulation Services in Perth

Opt for Green Oasis reticulation services for top-tier commercial and residential reticulation services tailored to any property’s needs regardless of scale.

Tailored Irrigation Expertise: Residential and Commercial

Residential Reticulation Services by Green Oasis

Harnessing the expertise of Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation’s residential reticulation services ensures that your home’s landscape remains impeccably hydrated with utmost efficiency. Our professional team specialises in crafting tailored irrigation solutions that promote efficient water use and prevent wastage, keeping your garden in peak condition. We understand the intricacies of residential landscapes, and our precision-driven services are designed for reliability and sustainability, ensuring your lawn’s longevity and health.

Commercial Reticulation Services for Sustainable Landscaping

Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation is at the forefront of integrating water-saving technologies through our commercial reticulation services. We provide smart irrigation systems that contribute to environmental sustainability while maintaining the aesthetics and health of corporate landscapes. Our expertise lies in delivering comprehensive landscaping solutions that are not only efficient but cost-effective. Trust us to implement a reticulation system that meets the dynamic needs of your business, supporting your commitment to green, sustainable practices.

Quality Lawn Reticulation in Perth

Water your lawn efficiently

Reticulation or lawn irrigation systems are essential to ensure even watering of your entire lawn. At Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation, we provide cost-effective and convenient solutions to keep your garden lush, green and healthy. Our services include lawn sprinkler system installation, lawn irrigation systems improvement, and complete reticulation installation in Perth.

Avoid common lawn problems

Say goodbye to patchy grass, yellowing turf and bald spots caused by underwatering, or wilted grass, squishy soil, fungus and weed overgrowth due to overwatering. With professional Perth reticulation services and lawn sprinkler system installation, you can effortlessly maintain the health and beauty of your lawn. An efficient irrigation system prevents common lawn problems and saves you time and money on unnecessary maintenance.

What services do we offer?

Why Choose Green Oasis

Highly skilled technicians

Our technicians specialise in reticulation and lawn sprinkler system installation with meticulous attention to detail and high-quality workmanship, easily tackling any irrigation challenge.

High-quality irrigation systems

We source and use only parts of lawn irrigation systems from the best manufacturers, most of them with extended warranties.

Transparent pricing

Our quotes are fixed once we submit them to you. We don’t charge additional fees, and all system design, pricing and other details go through you before we begin the job.

Premium Reticulation Services

Alongside turf laying, Green Oasis also offers reticulation services, including, but not limited to, the following systems:

Lawn Sprinkler System Installation

These systems consist of underground pipes with sprinkler heads that pop up and distribute water over the lawn. They provide uniform coverage and are ideal for larger areas. Professional sprinkler system installation ensures proper placement and adjustment of sprinkler heads for optimal water distribution.

Drip Irrigation System Installation

Drip irrigation delivers water directly to the roots of plants through a network of tubes and emitters. It minimises water wastage and is efficient for watering specific areas, such as flower beds or garden beds. Professional irrigation installation ensures precise placement of emitters and tubing to maximise efficiency.

Micro-Sprinkler System Installation

Similar to traditional sprinkler systems, micro-sprinklers emit water in a fine mist or spray pattern. They are commonly used in smaller garden areas or for specific plantings. Professional installation ensures proper spacing and adjustment of micro-sprinklers for even water distribution.

Automated Irrigation System Installation

These systems use timers and controllers to automate the watering process. They allow you to set specific schedules and durations, ensuring consistent and efficient watering. Professional irrigation installation ensures proper wiring, programming, and integration of the system with existing water sources.

Smart Irrigation System Installation

Smart irrigation systems use advanced technology, weather sensors, and Wi-Fi connectivity to optimise watering based on real-time weather conditions and plant needs. They help conserve water and improve overall irrigation efficiency. Professional installation ensures proper setup and integration of smart controllers and sensors.

Lawn Irrigation Systems for Greener, Lusher Gardens

Ensure your grass and plants receive the right amount of water with our lawn irrigation systems and reticulation installation in Perth. Our expert technicians provide lawn sprinkler system installation and reticulation services for gardens and properties of any size, making it easy to keep your lawn or garden healthy and manageable. Say goodbye to water waste and scheduling headaches with our easy-to-maintain reticulation services at Green Oasis.

Still on the fence? Here are just a few of the benefits you get:



Manual watering wastes a lot of water and potentially overwaters or drowns your plants. Save water with modern irrigation systems.



Install sprinkler systems and save money on your water bills by using precisely the right amount of water every time.

rotating lawn sprinklers


Watering your garden has never been this easy. Save precious time and effort, and let your sprinklers do the job.

sprinkler of automatic watering


An irrigation system ensures that your entire lawn receives adequate water supply, even in areas that are hard to reach.



Protect garden soil’s valuable nutrients. Avoid hand-watering and allowing excess water to seep into the ground, damaging its nutritional value.

lawn sprinkler installation


Proper watering promotes healthy plant growth. At the same time, it can reduce harmful fungi, weeds, and other plant diseases.

Finding the Right Irrigation System for You

Not all sprinkler systems work best for every home. When having a lawn reticulation system installed, take note of the following factors:
If you’re having an irrigation system installed for the first time, finding the right scheme for you can be challenging. Green Oasis will take care of everything for you, planning and designing a sprinkler system that suits your property.

Expertise in Every Drip: Why Choose Us for Irrigation Installation

Finding the perfect irrigation system is essential, but pairing it with an expert installation ensures your landscape thrives efficiently and sustainably.

When it comes to irrigation installation, choosing us means choosing a greener, brighter future for your outdoor space.

Optimised Water Management with Expert Irrigation Installation

Proper irrigation installation is crucial for efficient water use and landscape health. A professionally installed system by irrigation specialists ensures:

Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation is your go-to expert for smart irrigation solutions. Our team of irrigation experts is adept at implementing water-conserving strategies and advanced technologies for sustainable landscape management. Trust us for an irrigation system that supports the vitality of your garden while respecting the environment.

Personalised Irrigation Installation for Every Home

At Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation, we recognise that no two properties are alike, which is why we excel in providing custom irrigation installation that meets the unique needs of your property. Our approach to residential irrigation is to create systems that align with your home’s specific layout and the diverse needs of your landscape, ensuring every plant gets just the right amount of hydration.

Embrace the ease and efficiency of an automated residential irrigation system. Set and forget with customisable watering schedules, make real-time adjustments to water duration, and keep track of your usage with remote monitoring options. Our systems are not only convenient but also crafted to withstand Western Australia’s challenging climate, providing you with a lush garden year-round. Opt for Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation, your trusted partner for sophisticated residential irrigation solutions that promise health and vitality for your garden.

Specialised Commercial Irrigation Installation Services

Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation delivers irrigation installation services that are uniquely tailored to meet the expansive and diverse requirements of commercial landscapes. We blend our in-depth knowledge of commercial irrigation systems with an understanding of the nuances of large-scale property layouts to ensure efficient and even water distribution, which is crucial for maintaining the aesthetic and health of any business’s outdoor space.

Our dedicated team offers expert advice, thorough system assessments, and continuous support, which are all integral when managing the complexities of commercial landscape irrigation. By partnering with Green Oasis, businesses can rest assured that their irrigation needs will be met with precision, sustainability, and professionalism, ensuring their landscapes are not just maintained but thrive.

Our technicians have the experience, knowledge and skills

to install the lawn reticulation systems for homes and businesses in Perth. With their thoroughness and excellent workmanship, you get efficient results for every system they set up for you.
Expert Sprinkler System Installation for Optimal Lawn Health

Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation prides itself on providing top-tier sprinkler system installation services, ensuring that your garden’s irrigation needs are met with precision and care. Our team of experts specialises in irrigation installation services that optimise water usage, promote eco-friendly practices, and reduce wastage, all while catering to the unique requirements of your lawn or garden.

With Green Oasis, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to installing efficient and reliable sprinkler systems. We use only high-quality components, paired with the latest industry tools, to deliver a system that’s built to last. Our knowledgeable technicians work meticulously to ensure the installation process is smooth, with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Once installed, our commitment to you continues. We provide comprehensive support, demonstrating how to manage your new system effectively and advising on garden care to maximise the benefits of your reticulation system. For any future needs—be it repairs, upgrades, or extensions—our team is ready to assist, ensuring your sprinkler system remains in peak condition. Partner with Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation for a seamless installation experience and ongoing support for all your irrigation needs.


Reticulation services that keep your lawn healthy and beautiful

Keeping your lawn stunning is no easy feat. Make it efficient and convenient with an irrigation and reticulation system that does the work for you. As a team of dedicated turf and irrigation specialists with over 15 years of experience, we are here to give you the best possible service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply, a garden reticulation system is the water system that evenly distributes water throughout your lawn. It keeps your water sprinkler system going and makes sure the water pipes aren’t leaking.
A comprehensive reticulation system is made up of pop-up sprinklers that water your plants, underground pipes that transport water, valves that regulate the water flow and a reticulation control box.
Perth has a generally warm climate. You would need to regularly and evenly water your plants and crops if you want them to thrive throughout the year. The reticulation system does this job for you.
Water pipes can corrode and get worn out over time. If they have been laying in your system for years, or if you notice a leak in your garden reticulation system, it might be time for a system upgrade.
If you have a busy household and you don’t have much time for lawn maintenance, a garden reticulation system is the answer to a verdant lawn. It waters your plants on a consistent schedule.
The cost of our garden reticulation system depends on your lawn’s needs, the system design and your budget. The pricing we give you is transparent and final. There are no additional fees.

Yes! Green Oasis provides complete irrigation and reticulation services to properties of all sizes for residential and commercial clients.

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