The Environmental Benefits of Artificial Grass

Keeping the balance between wanting a beautiful lawn and contributing to the health of the environment can be challenging. But thanks to artificial grass installation, you can still achieve a beautiful, verdant lawn without the consequences of using harmful chemicals to maintain its stunning state. Artificial grass has plenty of environmental benefits, which we shall discuss in this article. Read on.

Artificial Grass Vs. Real Grass

Natural grass is beautiful, and indeed, nothing can compare to the aesthetic qualities of nature. But when you take into consideration what it takes to keep it looking beautiful and its effects on the environment, there’s also no denying that artificial turf is the better choice. Not only is synthetic grass just as beautiful, but it is also healthier for the earth.  

Artificial Grass Pros and Cons

While synthetic grass undoubtedly contributes significantly to the environment, it also has downsides, much like any other material. One of them is that artificial grass costs more than natural turf. However, you can save much on maintenance and watering costs in the long run.


Water Conservation

Conserving water is essential, and using it wisely is all the more so. Natural grass needs a lot of water to grow and stay healthy. That poses real problems all over the world, especially in drought-prone areas. Meanwhile, artificial turf doesn’t need water to survive. You may need to hose it down from time to time when cleaning artificial grass, but that’s it. As such, installing fake grass, especially on more expansive lawns, is a good way of saving water.

man spraying chemicals on grass

Fewer Chemicals

Natural grass lawns require many chemicals to stay healthy, including herbicides, fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides. Moreover, you will have more chemicals contaminating the soil, air and water. And when you, your children, other family members or pets spend time on your lawn, they will track those chemicals inside your home.

On the other hand, artificial grass maintenance doesn’t require using such chemicals since it stays green and vibrant throughout the year without help. Not to mention, the only lawn care you’ll have to do is clean it once in a while.

Reduce Single-Use Plastics

As mentioned before, natural grass requires different chemicals, and they often come in single-use plastic bags, spray bottles or jugs. So, installing fake grass can lessen the amount of single-use plastics you purchase each year. Also, you get to save money and time by not having to buy these lawn care products and apply them.

Decreased Carbon Emissions

Synthetic turf does not require mowing and other types of maintenance to keep it healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Instead, it retains a short and uniform pile height, eliminating the need for fuel-powered maintenance equipment that emits harmful gasses when used. Thanks to that, you can reduce how much air pollutants you produce.

Lesser Landfill Contributions

Since natural grass is biodegradable, it’s not surprising that grass clippings often end up in waste bins and are dumped in landfills. Not to mention, other items for lawn care also end up in landfills. And when you consider the lifespan of artificial turf (which can span up to 20 years or more), think about how much clippings, products and equipment you would avoid contributing to landfills by installing fake grass on your property.

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Collect Rainwater

Since fake turf doesn’t absorb water, rainwater simply runs through the surface and ends up in storm drains. The good thing is that you can use that opportunity to harvest rainwater by building infrastructure that collects water runoff. You can then use the harvested water for other purposes like watering trees and plants. 

Limit Erosion and Runoff

If you have a sloped backyard, erosion may present a real problem for you come the rainy season. Not to mention, chemical runoff from fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides can negatively impact your property’s natural habitats. Runoff can also distribute sediment, contaminants, and chemicals can also make their way into the water supply. 

But with artificial turf, you won’t have any of these problems as the soil won’t become waterlogged since the grass won’t absorb any rainwater. Contamination also wouldn’t be an issue since chemicals aren’t needed for maintenance.  


Recycling Issues

Some claim that artificial turf isn’t recyclable. And even though it can last beyond 20 years, it can still end up in landfills when its life ends, creating more waste. However, this isn’t entirely true since not all synthetic turfs are made with the same materials. In fact, some are made to be recyclable. 

Not 100% Carbon Emission Free

It still contributes to carbon emissions during the manufacturing process, and it also uses natural resources. If the fake grass is made overseas, it would also require travelling over long distances using fossil fuels that emit harmful gases. And if you plan on levelling the ground before laying the grass, you would also need equipment that runs on fuel to do so. 

Nevertheless, you would still reduce carbon emissions over time after installation since you wouldn’t need to use equipment that uses fuel to function to maintain the beauty of your lawn. 

It’s Not Living Vegetation

Since fake grass isn’t an actual plant, it cannot absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. It is why you won’t need to worry about pests or insects in your grass since they can’t survive there. However, you are also eliminating the chance of providing habitats for living organisms essential for breaking down and recycling organic and inorganic products that settle on the grass.

Then again, you can supplement this lack of vegetation by planting your favourite plants, bushes and flowers to complement your beautiful synthetic lawn.

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Go Green with a Green Lawn That Doesn’t Disappoint

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