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Peter, located in Maida Vale, Perth, Western Australia, was looking for a facelift for his property, something that would make their home stand out on approach. They were looking for a lawn that would look great all year round and would breathe new life into not only their home but the entire street.

The Project

When we arrived at Peter’s home, we were greeted by a 150sqm area of dead lawn accompanied by lots of uneven sand on a verge separated by a driveway. Not only did this need an uplift, but the reticulation also needed to be fully functional to water such a large area. We recommended Peter go with a new lawn, as we believed that a very sparse lawn area with lots of poor quality sand was not going to yield a good result. Measuring took place with a plan drawn in detail, and a soil sample taken for testing. A nice open, mostly sunny area with a big tree on the side would be perfect for new Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo. Aesthetic in appearance, but practical where it counts, Sir Walter was the best choice with its shade tolerance. Our quote was handed off inside a presentation folder, along with some crucial information about our service and lawn, to which Peter happily accepted.

The Process

1. Mowing

Time to bring out the big guns, with a bob cat to remove soil and organic material such as weeds and remaining grass. Roots from the tree were cut out, as these would present problems with levelling the area as well as absorbing nutrients and moisture the grass requires to thrive. Reticulation changes were also needed, the current system did not provide an acceptable output, not to mention was broken in many places. We ripped our most of the damaged piping, laying new 20mm PVC, and installing Toro 570 3” sprinkler bodies with adjustable nozzles. A new solenoid valve was required, as the current one was not functioning. A simple swap for an Irritrol valve as made, with wiring also completed at our professional level.

2. Soil

200mm of nutrient enriched Special Lawn Mix was brought in to give the lawn a good soil profile in which to thrive, as the lawn would not do as well with just a sandy base. Full of moisture retentive red loam and high in nitrogen, Special Lawn Mix soil is your perfect turf base. Also added to compliment the soil was specialised lawn start fertiliser pellets, a brilliant organic blend with further moisture retentive properties. So out with the old and in with the new. One of the most important parts of the process is levelling off the area, this requires perfect execution and extreme attention to detail. No lumps or depressions that lead to undulation, which causes not only aesthetic and comfort issues, but also poor root contact which can lead to drying out of the new lawn. Once the team at Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation were satisfied with the levelling, which uses not only a bobcat, but also a compactor to help iron out the wrinkles on the heavily saturated soil, the turf was ready to lay.

3. Grass

Beautiful fresh Sir Walter soft leaf buffalo rolls were brought in by truck, courtesy of one of the best suppliers of Sir Walter in the Perth metro area. A personal favourite grass to work with, Sir Walter provides an immediate impression to all those who see it, with neighbours commenting on its stunning appearance. Laying was undertaken in a checked pattern, with no crossing lines, the best way to lay turf, ensuring the health of the lawn, with a line of rolls cut in, bordering along the outside. Once laying is complete, the turf is then compacted again, ensuring an excellent finish, with no visible gaps or lines, creating better contact to the soil and further firming and levelling the surface. A liquid wetting agent is added, essential for any soft leaf buffalo with its high water requirements. Professional advice was given to Peter, as well as a care bag which included all the information he needed, ensuring he had all the knowledge at his disposal to ensure his new Sir Walter would look just as luscious in ten years time.

The Result

The whole process brought curious neighbours out to have a look, with many commenting Peter now had the best lawn in the street.

After providing the first mow free of charge, as well as a foliar fertiliser with additional wetting agent, Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation were pleased with the beautiful lawn that was thriving. With no gaps, dry patches or lines, the lawn blended together beautifully and the colour was a magnificent dark green. It certainly made the house stand out, and made for one very satisfied client.

After Laying
After Laying
After first mow

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