Kikuyu Grass

Kikuyu Grass: A Choice for Practical Lawn Owners

Scientific name Pennisetum clandestinum, Kikuyu is a fast growing and drought tolerant grass popular in Australia for it’s hardy qualities. Like Couch grass, Kikuyu is popular as a playing surface at parks and in backyards, as well as possessing a nice, light green aesthetic. For this reason, kikuyu grass is a recurrent favourite of Australian homeowners who want a lush and low-maintenance lawn.

Kikuyu- The pragmatist’s choice?

Kikuyu grass is a top choice for residential and commercial lawns because of its lush aesthetics, strong root system, high drought tolerance, resistance to wear, and rapid and expansive growth.

Kikuyu has thick brown roots that add volume to the lawn; these roots prevent soil erosion, too. Maintenance isn’t a problem. The grass can be watered only once a week and it will still look green and healthy. It also grows quickly and expansively even in laws that are constantly hammered by playful children, pets or sports practices.

These factors aside, what makes the kikuyu lawn a pragmatic choice for you?

  • Fast regeneration
  • Hardy and adaptive
  • Fast growing
  • Ideal for areas that see a lot of wear
  • Thrives in full sun
  • Great disease and pest resilience
  • Grows well in most soil conditions
  • Budget friendly
  • Low irritant
  • Drought resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Less maintenance than other varieties
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Kikuyu with Green Oasis

Kikuyu is one of the more popular lawn varieties that we install, and comes highly recommended by our professionals. With slightly better regenerative qualities than Couch, it makes for an excellent alternative for playing surfaces and areas that see a lot of wear. In addition, the broader leaf of Kikuyu provides a softer surface. With both budget friendly and higher graded Kikuyu available, all of our Kikuyu installations come with our quality guarantee.

Kikuyu’s broad leaf makes it a popular choice not only for its excellent hardy qualities, but also for its pleasing aesthetic.

Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation offers lawn installation and lawn reticulation for homeowners in Western Australia. Let our professional team keep your kikuyu lawn lush and healthy.

Kikuyu Grass Maintenance — An Effortless Task

Kikuyu grass can easily grow in any environment with well-fertilised and aerated soil, and a sunny location. For the most part, you just have to stick to a weekly watering schedule and the grass will thrive effortlessly.

But there are some things you should keep in mind about kikuyu lawn maintenance.

  • Trim the grass short and often during the rainy season, when it grows faster.
  • Let the grass grow higher during summer to help with soil hydration.
  • Rake grass clippings after mowing to prevent blocking air and sunlight.
  • Regularly weed the seeds to prevent the lawn from overgrowing.
  • Seed during the warmer season to promote fast, healthy growth.
  • Wait until the grass is dry before mowing it with sharp blades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kikuyu grass grows relatively quick. If the grass is watered sufficiently and monitored properly, you can have a healthy kikuyu lawn within 10 to 14 days.
Kikuyu grass can actually grow thick and healthy on its own. Your lawn just has to have well-fertilised soil, good aeration and sufficient sunlight.
Homeowners can set a 7-to10-day watering schedule during summer. There can be longer intervals between watering sessions during the rainy season.
The best way to keep a kikuyu lawn neat and tidy is to regularly mow the lawn and to keep the grass up to 2 inches above the roots.
Lawns can have bare, brown or dry patches if there’s not enough sunlight, or if the soil is packed too tightly that air and water can’t be properly absorbed.
One of the best things about having a kikuyu lawn is that the grass requires minimal lawn care. It will remain healthy as long as it’s getting enough water and sunlight.
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