Artificial Grass Maintenance: How to Remove Stains, Spills, Urine Smell, and More

One of the most appealing features of an artificial grass lawn is its minimal maintenance. It doesn’t require the amount of care that real lawns need. You don’t have to mow, weed or aerate synthetic grass to keep it green. Plus, you won’t waste huge amounts of water and fertiliser, so an artificial grass lawn installation can be cheaper in the long run, even if it’s a bit pricier than natural grass.

However, accidents happen. Your pet might urinate on the grass or food and drinks might spill during one of your outdoor brunches. These stains and spills have to be removed to keep your artificial lawn looking its best. Proper and regular maintenance will also prolong the lifespan of the grass, maximising your investment.

Regular Cleaning

The best way to keep your synthetic grass clean and green is by cleaning it once a week. Large debris can be removed with a rake or brush, while a leaf blower can take care of smaller pieces of junk like twigs and leaves. You can also lightly rinse the grass using a hose to get rid of dust.

Never use a house vacuum to clean your artificial grass. The powerful suction can damage the individual blades and cause bald spots.

If your synthetic lawn doesn’t accumulate that much dirt, you may clean it less frequently. But rinsing twice a month is still recommended.

Below is a guide to removing different kinds of spills and stains without damaging your synthetic lawn grass.

Pet Waste

Artificial lawns are pet-friendly. They won’t wear down as quickly as natural grass due to pet waste. Plus, pets like to relieve themselves in the same spot, so you only need to clean a small area.

Remove solid waste with a doggy bag or a poop scooper. After, hose down the area to get rid of the residue and the smell. A hose is enough to wash away urine.

After some time, you might notice that your pet’s favourite spot has developed an odour. When this happens, you can wash it with a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water.

Make sure to inform the specialist that you have a pet before they install the artificial grass. They can include additional features to the lawn, like a turf deodoriser or a membrane between the base and turf, to prevent bad odours.

Food and Beverage Spills

Spills and stains should be cleaned immediately to prevent them from sinking into the material of your synthetic grass. First, remove any solid material left. Then, soak up the excess liquid with a towel, sponge or any dry absorbent. Rinse away the spill by hosing the area down with water.

For sticky stuff, like gum or tree sap, freeze the substance first using dry ice or an aerosol refrigerant. Scrape it off once it’s frozen solid.

If the stain is stubborn, scrub it with a mild household cleaner mixed with water. You may use a low-sud dish liquid, delicate fabric detergent or any eco-friendly cleaner. Rinse with clean water and leave it to dry. Groom the area with a stiff brush to keep the blades in good condition.

Avoid using a chemical cleaner when removing stains. Chlorine bleach can erode the fibres and fade the colour of the grass.


Bacterial growth is rare for artificial lawns. But neglected food remnants and pet waste can attract bacteria. Spray the affected area with a half-and-half mix of vinegar and water, then rinse with a hose.

When treating mould, apply hydrogen peroxide on the affected area using a sponge. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. If the hydrogen peroxide sits too long on the grass, it might cause discolouration.

If your artificial grass lawn has burns or stubborn stains that won’t go away with these solutions, leave the job to the experts to avoid damaging your turf. Invest in a durable, wear-resistant, child- and pet-safe synthetic grass lawn to make sure it’s worth the purchase.

Professional Artificial Lawn Installations

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