Can You Afford a Lawn Restoration?

Installing a new lawn or renovating your old one can be a great home improvement project that almost instantly ups the value of your property. But before you go ahead with this plan, you need to know things such as the cost of new turf and the overall cost of a new lawn. By doing your research beforehand, you can plan your budget better and determine whether you can truly afford a lawn installation or whether you should opt for a lawn renovation instead. 

The Cost of New Lawn Installation

If you think your lawn is unsalvageable, you can replace it with a new one instead. However, prices can vary quickly. Depending on the grass species, the cost of turf per sqm can range anywhere from $6.50 to $12.50. So, before choosing a turf type, ensure that you find out which ones can thrive in your location and serve your purpose. You must also consider the cost of laying turf.

How Much Does Grass Cost?

  • Kikuyu – This grass is the least expensive, priced at $6 to $7 per square metre.
  • Couch – This grass is a little more expensive than Kikuyu, priced at &7 per square metre.
  • Palmetto, Sapphire and Mathilda – These turf types cost $12 per square metre.
  • Empire Zoysia – This turf costs $15 per square metre.
  • Sir Walter – This grass can be the most expensive since it costs anywhere from $10 to $20 per square metre.

Each turf type has pros and cons that apply depending on your location, the type of property you have and your purpose for your lawn. So, weigh your options well. For instance, Kikuyu grass is excellent for its drought-resistant properties. It can also recover fast when damaged. 

Couch grass is another drought-resistant and low-maintenance turf. Nullarbor Couch, its variety, is often used in playing fields due to its tough quality and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. Empire Zoysia is also a low-maintenance and drought-resistant turf. Buffalo turfs (Mathilda, Palmetto and Sapphire) are best for shaded areas. 

several turf grass rolls

How to Calculate How Many Turf Rolls Do I Need

You must measure the area you want to cover with turf and add up to 10% to the amount of grass you think you need. Add more for curved areas since your installers will trim the turf to fit. 

New Lawn Installation Vs. Renovating Your Lawn

You can restore a lawn by replacing it entirely or renovating it through different methods to bring back its original beauty. But like new installations, the price of renovating your lawn also depends on the severity of its condition and the type of method used for renovation. So, to determine the cost, you must first find out the severity of your lawn’s condition and how you can fix it.

How “Bad” is Your Lawn?

Decent – In this case, your lawn is still well established and just needs some thickening up and additional care to help it perform its best. It may have some slightly thinned-out areas and weeds here and there, but it’s still in pretty good shape.

Not So Great – Does your lawn have multiple bare or thin spots, and does the colour look dull? Then it’s not doing so great, and while it doesn’t need a total overhaul yet, it does need plenty of help.

Terrible – Your lawn is in terrible condition if it has more weeds or bare spots than healthy grass. In this case, your lawn would need a total overhaul to get it back in good shape. 

Lawn Renovation Methods

Lawn renovation services can help in treating any of the lawn conditions mentioned above. However, there are two key services that are often recommended:

closeup of mechanical lawn aerator

Aeration and Overseeding

During aeration, lawn renovators will use a core aerator to extract small cores from the soil, which will be left on top of the lawn to break down and filter back into the ground. By doing so, water, nutrients and oxygen can easily reach the root zone where they are needed most. 

Reseeding the lawn is recommended for properties that only need minimal renovation. When overseeding is done simultaneously, the seeds fall directly into the holes, generating better seed-to-soil contact. Since they will have plenty of room and nutrients to grow, they will grow into a thick, healthy lawn.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can add a thin layer of compost to your topsoil immediately after aeration to improve soil conditions. 

Power Seeding

Aeration and overseeding may not be enough for lawns in a not-so-great and terrible state. That’s when power seeding comes in. Also called slice seeding or slit seeding, it is an intensive process often performed in large properties using machinery to cut rows into the soil where seeds will be planted. This method is highly effective in filling multiple bare spots. 

Since this process also tears healthy lawns, lawn experts only do this on bare areas and do aeration and overseeding on the rest if there are still salvageable patches on your property. However, power seeding the entire property would be better if your lawn is in a terrible state.

Does Lawn Maintenance Factor into the Cost?

A new lawn always looks fresh, vibrant and thriving. However, lawn maintenance is essential if you want to keep it that way. That’s why lawn maintenance should also be factored in with the cost of new lawn installation and renovation. With proper and constant care, you can make your grass greener while keeping weeds and harmful pests away. 

Of course, all this effort requires additional expenses. And since not everyone has the time for fussy and time-consuming lawn chores, you would most likely hire a landscaper. Doing so can also save you a lot of money since you won’t need to invest in expensive equipment and won’t risk costly mistakes. The cost of hiring a good landscaper depends on their expertise and the package you choose. At Green Oasis, we offer varied packages to fit your lawn’s specific needs.

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Consult Our Lawn Experts

Deciding between installing a new lawn or renovating your old one can be a tough decision to make, especially when you are considering the cost. Both options can be expensive depending on many factors. So, consult our lawn experts instead to make the best decision. Whether you need lawn renovation or lawn installation, our team of professionals can offer you the best advice and service this industry has to offer. 

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